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Outdoor Storage Solutions in Margate, Thanet Kent

Outdoor Storage Solutions

Bike Shed

This beehive style secure bikeshed is made from oak featheredge on a solid timber frame. It has a sedum pod living roof which lends itself well to the environment, blending into the front garden and providing valuable habitat for pollinating insects. The shed is secured with an analog codelock and can store up to seven bikes comfortably. We also install longthrow latchlocks and yale digital locks. All sheds are bespoke and made to fit a niche on site.

Wood Store

This simple solution on Richmond Green is made from recycled heavy duty pallets. Tanalised featheredges create a watertight roof which blends in behind the trees. The small green hobbits shed has been cut down from its original size and relocated into a little space behind the summer shed, and is where the garden tools are kept. By tucking these storage areas into a corner we allowed the garden to become less cluttered and more appealing when viewed from the house.


A walk through shed idea can be handy in an under used side access return. Made to fit any size according to available space. This one has a transparent roof to allow light in, but also a light for night use. With yale digital locks it is a secure space to keep bicycles and other outdoor equipment.